• The Day the Earth Stood Still

    By: Lydia Davies on September 11, 2016

    This picture circulating on twitter got me thinking about that day. The day the world stopped turning, the day that changed Americans, the day many lost their lives, the day many lost loved ones, the day America came together as a whole and put everything else on the backburner.

  • How to Brand Yourself in 4 Steps

    By: Lydia Davies on April 01, 2016


  • New Year Healthier You?

    By: Lydia Davies on January 16, 2016

    We all have New Year’s Resolutions and lets be honest, the majority of the time it is to live a healthier lifestyle or workout more. But how often do we actually do that?

  • Give Thanks

    By: Lydia Davies on November 26, 2015

    Now that everyone is full of turkey and dressing it is a perfect time to relax, watch a football game, and think about all the things we are truly thankful for.