New Year Healthier You?

By: Lydia Davies on January 16, 2016

We all have New Year’s Resolutions and lets be honest, the majority of the time it is to live a healthier lifestyle or workout more. But how often do we actually do that?

If you are like me, then more times than none you do not follow through with it. Maybe I work out hard for a month or eat healthier for a few days, but honestly it is just hard sticking to it.

Unless you find something you truly love. An eating plan that doesn’t seem like a diet or maybe a workout that seems more fun than it seems to be actually working out.

So recently my friend and I have been taking Pure Barre classes. Maybe you have heard of it. I had never until my friend called me as we were returning from Christmas break telling (not asking) me that we are signing up and going to take classes. The next morning, we were on the way to sign up.

Ok so the classes last an hour, actually 55 minutes and let me tell you, my first class I went to I thought that was the longest hour of my life. I was so sweaty, my legs were shaking, my abs were screaming, and my arms had given out. I was ready to leave and not come back.

However, thanks to my friend, I had signed up for a month membership. And being a broke college student, that meant that I could not let that money go to waste so I had to return. Sure the work out made you feel like you actually had a good work out. But it was difficult.

The next day I returned, my whole body was so extremely sore but I had the accountability of my friend to keep pushing me. So I did it and now I have been going for a little over 2 weeks (which may not seem like that long but I can honestly feel a difference.)

I feel a lot stronger than I was and like I said it has only been 2 weeks. The staff at Pure Barre is so extremely sweet, encouraging, and helpful when you do not know how to do a move or if you think you cannot push through. They help you find your way.

With all of that being said, I think it is important (if you want to stick with you resolution) to have a workout partner to make sure you actually go and that you are working hard. It is important to find something that challenges you but that you actually like. Because if you are anything like me, I do not like running (it bores me) and every time I go to the gym I find my self not knowing which machine to use. So I believe if you truly have fun and love the workout then it doesn’t seem like a chore, it seems more fun.

As for the dieting, I truly struggle with that. It isn’t that I just sit around all day eating potato chips (although that does sound nice) it is just that I love food. In my house any time a bunch of us are gathered around we always have food. But we do know when enough is enough and I think that is really important.

In my house we have teased my dad for years because he use to say “you are only suppose to eat until you are 80% full,” and he is right. Why do we need to stuff our faces and eat like we do not know where our next meal is coming from? We don’t.

I fall short when it comes to desserts. I love sweets. However my trick when I am eating healthy is to buy berries. I get strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries mix them all together throw on a little bit of splenda and have a little bit of whip cream on the top. It makes it feel like you are eating a great dessert but actually you are still sticking to your diet.