Oh Holy Night

By: Lydia Davies on September 12, 2017

I know what you are thinking, “Christmas crafts already?!? But Halloween hasn’t even happened yet.” Although Christmas seems like it is forever away, there is only 15 Fridays until Christmas. I REPEAT 15 FRIDAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS! So, even though Halloween isn’t even here yet, Hobby Lobby stores have already thrown it out and Christmas supplies are everywhere.

With that being said, I am making some Christmas crafts that are affordable and can double as gifts.

Every Christmas I see on Pinterest the cutest DIYs and I always want to try them. However, I do not want want to spend $100 or 30 hours trying to make this cool craft. So I researched and found an extremely cute, extremely simple, and extremely awesome craft for Christmas.

Alright so one day I was out shopping at Hobby Lobby (yes, this is the greatest store ever) and I found the coolest wooden plank. It was already put together, so that saves a lot of time.

I immediately started brainstorming on ideas that I could use this for… I came up with a list and then decided to do something related to this beautiful holiday season.

I decided to make this really cool “Oh Holy Night” rustic sign. Here is my inspiration for this project.

I bought paintbrushes, paint, wood stain, and glitter (which I am unsure as to why my gold glitter at home was missing.) Total I think everything cost me around $20.

I found my inspiration on Pinterest, but I decided to put my own spin on it, in order to make it unique.

With that being said, I’ll walk you through the steps quickly in order for you to see how I did everything in order for you to make one also.

So of course I forgot to take a picture of the blank wood that I bought, but this one is very similar.

(Photograph from Hobby Lobby)

Step One: Stain the wood.

This is completely your preference. I like a really rustic, vintage look. If you don’t then I suggest a light stain or even painting it like my inspiration picture. This does have some rivets in it already. Personally I like more, if you do too, hit it with a hammer or a metal chain after you have stained it and let it dry.

Step Two: Stencil the Letters. (or free hand)

I hate stenciling, I honestly mess it up more if I stencil first so I just free hand the letters.

Step Three: Decorate.

Wait until all of your paint is dry because this glitter goes EVERYWHERE. It is like this super fine powder glitter and it sticks to everything so be careful.

I used Glue and painted over my star and then sprinkled on the glitter and it shined perfectly.

Step Four: GoldĀ  Letters

Last step, I went over “Holy” with a gold metallic paint I found, to give it an extra POP.

Optional: Trace “Holy”

On one that I made I traced “Holy” with white glue and then added the same gold sparkles that the star has. This makes it a little bolder and stand out just a little bit more.