Appreciation Gifts for Anyone

By: Lydia Davies on November 17, 2016

It is that time of the year, again… Where we gift everyone we know. From Christmas gifts for teachers, neighbors, family, and friends, everyone gets something.

So this year I am starting something new. At Thanksgiving this year I am going to gift. Yeah, I know, that sounds weird but I am grateful for these people and I want to show them.

I’m currently working in a non-profit and a lot of the people I work with are volunteers. They volunteer their time and resources in order to help where they can. There have been plenty of times where they go unnoticed, so this Thanksgiving I am making sure they know how thankful I am for their help and support throughout the year.


I stumbled across redbox gifting codes and thought how brilliant it would be if I could put together a movie box (or basket.) I mean Redbox is only like $1.20 so you cannot really beat that if you are trying to stay in a budget.

I went to and purchased my codes. They come in packs of 5. I bought 10, and even if you do not use them all for gifts, if your family is anything like mine, then they will be used.


I designed mock movie tickets, to put the redbox codes on. movie-night printable if you click the link you can download the tickets for free.


I used the little white box to write the codes in. These codes are suppose to work, so enjoy a free movie night on me!

Anyways, I found the baskets at Target in their great little $1, $3, $5 section. They were $3 a piece, which was the most expensive piece I bought.

Then I bought candy, cokes, popcorn, ribbon, plastic bags, clothes pins, and notebooks.img_1078

I was shopping at Michael’s and stumbled across these notepads on sale for just 20 cents so of course I bought them. I mean 20 cents? How could you resist???


Super cute! Right?

I know they don’t really go with the movie night theme but they’re cute.

I also bought the plastic bags, ribbon, and clothes pins at Michael’s.


Then I just stuck all the goodies down in each bag, wrapped them up with some ribbon and set them in a basket.

I made a little “poem” for the outside also, which the clothes pins are holding up.


You can download this printable for free also. movie-night-card Enjoy!


These are super simple, cheap, and creative gifts that anyone would love at anytime of the year. I hope you all enjoy them!img_1074 img_1077