DIY Globe

By: Lydia Davies on September 17, 2016


This easy DIY Globe has stolen my heart. Not everyone can travel the world for a year but everyone can remake an old globe in just a few short hours.

I love the unique antique aspect behind “the globe” but I think it is super cool when you mix in a fun, fresh, and new aspect to it. 

Here’s how you can make your own:


  • Paint (whatever colors you choose, I picked black and pink)
  • Globe (DUH)
  • 2-3 paint brushes

Step 1: Begin by drawing each continent.

Tip: If you are free-handing then look at a picture or another globe.

If you are revamping an old globe, trace the continents.

Step 2: Once your continents are outlined, paint them in.


Step 3: Let it dry.

For me my globe had no continents and was already painted silver all over. If yours did have continents then this is where you would paint in all the water areas of your globe.


Step 4: Use your skinny paint brush and write what saying you prefer on your globe.


For me I wrote “Send Me” because every time I look at the globe I want to be reminded that I am at the Lord’s will and am prepared to go wherever He needs me to go. So write something that means something to you! Or another great idea is to use black chalk paint as your back ground, then you can constantly change out your sayings.


See how simple this is, I mean 4 steps for something that is super cute, it doesn’t get much better than that!